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2022 Rules Revision DRAFT

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 Board of Directors Meeting

Thursday November 4, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.


Public Handout

Owners only please.  You will need to identify yourself to move beyond the waiting room.

The Board of Directors Approved the 2021 Budget on September 24, 2020


Q: What is a homeowners' association?

A: A homeowners' association is a legal entity, registered with the state of Colorado, in which owners are part of an organization created to provide common services to its members (the owners) in a planned community that must operate within the governing documents that are part of its legal charter.

Q: How does a homeowners' association differ from an apartment complex?

A: The association represents owners, not renters and lessees. Thus, anyone who rents or leases from an owner of the association goes to the OWNER rather than to the association for most services that renters and lessees would seek directly from "the office" in an apartment complex.

  • It is the OWNER, not the association, who is responsible for addressing most requests by a lessee or renter.
  • In some cases, the association provides the requested services to the owner who is then responsible for the renter or lessee request(s).
  • In other cases, the association has no responsibility whatsoever for the request, depending upon the governing documents of the association.

The key point to remember is that if you are an owner who wishes to rent or lease your unit(s), you cannot be an "absentee landlord" who seeks to have the association serve as your property management agent.

  • That is not the associations' role.
  • YOU are responsible, both legally and financially, for most of your tenants' needs and also for their adherence to all association rules and policies.

If you are renting or leasing a unit at Plaza de Monaco, you must go through your owner for almost all requests other than those which impact imminent health or safety of others at the Plaza.

  • If you were renting a stand-alone house from an owner, you would go directly to the owner for services such as fixing your stove, replacing a faucet, or painting the walls.
  • In a homeowner's association, such requests still go to the unit owner, NOT to the association, including to the main office or to the GM. Our governing documents are very clear about what is the owner's responsibility for each unit and what obligations Plaza de Monaco Condominiums Association, Inc. has. All owners are provided with a copy of those documents, and they are also available on this site.
Q: How can I find out about buying a unit at Plaza de Monaco?

A: Some owners post units for sale on the Plaza bulletin board.
We may make this site available for such postings if we are able to work out legal matters associated with such postings.

Q: Are there any units available for rent or lease?

A: Some owners post units for rental or lease on the Plaza bulletin board.
We may make this site available for such postings if we are able to work out legal matters associated with such postings.

Q: May I tour Plaza de Monaco?

A: Call the office, or submit an on-line request on this site to the general manager. Use the "Contact Us" tab on this site to do so.

Q: Is there a different website for current owners and renters?

A: This site will not be available until PDMTCAI can obtain and verify email addresses from owners and any tenants whom they wish to have restricted access to the owners and residents site.

Q: Where can I find copies of the governing documents and rules and regulations?

A: Click here for governing documents. for rules and regulations. USE YOUR BROWSER's "back" button to RETURN TO THIS PAGE. Click here

Q: Where can I find copies of past board meeting minutes and/or the agenda for upcoming board meetings?

A: Contact the General Manager, who can provide on-site access. He can also provide copies upon request and payment of a fee for copies.

Q: Where can I find copies of Plaza de Monaco newsletters?

A: Current newsletter are available on the NEWS tab. The General Manager may be able to provide copies of some past newsletters upon request and payment of a fee for copies. Not all past newsletters will be available.

Q: How can I reserve the party room or the guest room?

A: Call the office at (303) 757-1546.